About Us


 The Plus is Precision Grooming and Positive Training Classes.


Our Pledge.

To give our client’s dogs the utmost care for their safety and well being by constantly educating ourselves in the most current scientific information on dog behaviour and group management skills.


Raising the Bar with a Higher Standard of Care


Our People.

Each K9 Care Giver (CG) has been chosen for their passion. It’s not enough to love dogs to work at K9HQ.  All CG’s have proven their passion by educating themselves about the species through courses, workshops, volunteerism, and previous work experience.  They are highly skilled in understanding and managing dogs and group dynamics.  In addition, all CG’s hold their Pet First Aid Certificate.  Ask for credentials – you should know who is taking care of your pet.


Owner ~ Jamie Patterson


Kelsey Patterson ~ Manager & Trainer

Kelsey has been with K9HQ since October 2012. She was born and raised in Victoria and has always had a passion for dogs. Her experience consists of in-home pet sitting, group dog walking, volunteering for the SPCA and fostering  orphaned puppies. At home Kelsey lives with her two rescue dogs Chia & Kasey, who always make her smile. Kelsey holds a Diploma in Exercise & Wellness from Camosun.

Kelsey is certified in DogSafe Canine First Aid, and holds a Certificate for Training & Counselling (CTC) from The Academy for Dog Trainers. 


Justine Morrison ~ K9 Caregiver

Justine has been with K9HQ since September 2016. She was born and raised in Ontario but moved to the Island in 2012 to study social work at VIU in Nanaimo. She has a huge passion for all animals and has 2 dogs and 3 cats of her own. Pictured with her is her dogs, Noah and Millie. She also has experience working in a grooming salon and a pet store and eventually wants to start working with therapy dogs. We are excited to have Justine a part of the K9HQ team!




Megan Saunders ~ Asst. Manager & Asst. Trainer 

Megan started with K9HQ in June 2014. Pictured with Megan is her 7 year old Chocolate Lab, Timber. Her most recent adoption is Mya, her sweet St Bernard pup. Meg was born and raised in Victoria and attended Camosun College for a year, where she studied Psychology. Megan also is a Gymnastic coach for kids on the weekends at Lions Pride Gymnastics. We are excited to have Meg part of the team. Meg also does in-home boarding.
Meg is certified in DogSafe Canine First Aid.

 Kelsey Barton (Jeannie) – K9 Caregiver

Kelsey has been with K9HQ since August 2016. Pictured with Kelsey is her rescued 4 year old black lab / mastiff mix, Bandit. Kelsey was born and raised in Victoria. With a life long passion for dogs, Kelsey plans to study k9 behaviour so she can help all dogs with reactive behaviours. She also plans to help fight against animal cruelty. Just like Kelsey’s own dog Bandit, she believes all dogs deserve a second chance.

Kelsey is certified in Dogsafe Canine First Aid.

 Meg Photo

Megan (MAL) Laporte ~ K9 Caregiver

Megan started with K9HQ in February 2016. She was born and raised in Alberta but has enjoyed living in Victoria for the past 10 years. She has always had a passion for animals, especially dogs, and she is glad to be working with a great group of people who share that same trait. Megan looks forward to studying at Thomspon River University in Fall 2017 for their Animal Health Technology program. Pictured with Megan is Charlie, the one-eyed Puggle. Although she doesn’t have any dogs at this time, she hopes to adopt a pup of her own in the near future. We are happy to have Megan part of the team! Megan also does in-home boarding.

Megan is certified in DogSafe Canine First Aid.

Karren ~ Groomer

Karren joined K9HQ in April 2016. She has been grooming dogs since she was 18 years old. Before coming here she worked at Pet’s Choice in Langford for over 15 years. When Pet’s Choice closed down, Karren knew she wanted to continue grooming dogs, and felt that K9HQ would be a great place to move her clientele to. She enjoys grooming dogs of all breeds and sizes. Karren is married with 2 sons and 2 grandsons. Besides grooming dogs, Karren likes relaxing at her home in Sooke and walking along the beach with her Bichon/Maltese cross, Ozzie. She enjoys working with her family of fellow dog lovers, and we are excited to have Karren part of the K9HQ team!

Shelbie ~ K9 Caregiver 

Shelbie started with K9HQ in November 2017. She was born in Victoria, but raised in Alberta. She has a few family dogs, Bella and Diesel the rottweilers, and Jessie (in the picture), Chevy, and Beans, the yorkies. Shelbie also has her own kitten named Luci. Shelbie plans to go to school in the animal field in the near future. We are thriled to have Shelbie part of the team!
Founder – Deborah Sanders.