Checklist & Application


  1. Fill out K9HQ Application form. Click Here to download a hard copy to print OR Click Here to complete the form online
  2. Get a copy of your dog’s updated vaccination records from your vet
  3. Call 250 478-2273 to reserve your E & I session


kasey stitch


– Dogs at K9HQ must pass an evaluation session prior to attending daycare to assure us that all our dogs are social and friendly. During the evaluation we also provide you with an information session to make sure you know exactly what goes on in a day at K9HQ.

– Along with an evaluation & interview session (E&I), we will need a completed application form and waiver which can be printed or filled out from our website, as well as records of up-to-date vaccination records.

 With the application & evaluation, our K9 Caregivers will be thoroughly informed how to interact with your dog.




Please read the Daycare Pages in full before you apply.