Evaluation & Interview

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What to bring to the E & I session

Completed application form

Vaccination Certificates

Your dog with a flat collar or harness and leash


The Interview

E&I sessions are held on Sundays at 10:00am by appointment. The E&I sessions are by reservation only and take approximately 45-60 mins.  Book early to reserve your spot!

While your dog is being evaluated for daycare suitability, you get an opportunity to meet us and tour the facility.   During this time we also go over safety protocols, daycare structure, package rates, reservation procedures and of course answer any other questions you may have.

If after the E&I session you find our facility and services acceptable, we would be pleased to invite you to sign up your dog for a day with us!



The Evaluation

All dogs must go through an evaluation prior to coming to K9HQ.  This is our best way to ensure we have highly social dogs enjoying themselves at K9HQ.  In addition, when your dog comes for the first daycare day it won’t be the first time.  They will have been here before and know the following: No one here has taken their temperature, they met a dog or two, and got to play with toys, and then went home with you.  This makes the first visit as stress free as possible.

Each dog’s evaluation continues over the first three visits.  As the initial evaluation gives us a baseline of your dog’s temperament and behaviour, while the first three visits allows us to determine how the dog is adjusting to our daily routine. Most dogs adjust very nicely, though some take longer than others to adapt. If we find over a period of time that your dog is not adjusting well, we will be sure to let you know. This DOES NOT mean you have a bad dog or a difficult dog, it may simply mean that our environment was not the best fit for them. Your dog’s safety and well-being is our numberone priority.


The initial evaluation consists of how your dog responds in various situations with:

  • Toys – on their own, with dogs, with people

  • People – introductions, play, manners, responsiveness

  • Dogs – introductions, play, manners

  • Crate – are they crate trained, are they comfortable or anxious

~ For some dogs, we may require any or all of the following:

  • minimum attendance commitment

  • maximum age to start daycare

  • proof of continuing education programs (dog training classes)

  • training aids


The above will be for the benefit of the dog.  As an example, we may require shy dogs to come more frequently until they make friends & start to come out of their shell.  Then the frequency can lessen.  Age is a consideration.  If a dog has had no socialization prior to adulthood, they may not be best suited to a daycare setting, but we will determine this for the individual during their evaluation.