Our K9 Family

Why Choose K9HQ Doggy Daycare?

The Doggy Daycare industry in North America has NO mandatory guidelines for supervision, group size, staff education or management methods, meaning anyone can legally run one any way they want. This lack of regulation can lead to overcrowded facilities, poor supervision & controversial punitive methods – all of which pose an increased risk of mental AND physical harm to many dogs.
Pet owners are advised to research any facility before dropping their pup off for the first day.

As a leading Doggy Daycare on Vancouver Island, K9HQ strives to abide by the Highest Recommended Industry Standards with:

Low staff to dog ratios (1:10)
Separate play groups based on size & temperament
Structured routine to stimulate mind & body, keeping dogs engaged all day long while preventing over-exhaustion
Continuing education of the most current scientific information on dog behaviour
The Safety and Well-being of dogs in our care is our top priority. We do not condone the use of pain, fear, intimidation or physical force. We prefer reward-based management methods to promote a Fun, Safe & Positive atmosphere.

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