Small-dog Daycare


102-721 Station Ave, Langford BC

Small Dog Daycare

Our priority at K9HQ is the safety, happiness and well-being of all dogs in our care. We promote a fun and positive atmosphere  using reward-based management methods and do not condone the  use of fear, intimidation or physical force.

We understand the wide range of sizes dogs come in, and while we wish we could accommodate them all, with only a few play groups to organize dogs we are able to accept dogs up to 60lbs. This limit allows us to arrange our playgroups appropriately based on size and temperament, with a focus on fun and safety for our smallest dogs!

Reward-Based Training

Using evidence-based, positive training methods, our trainers offer group classes and one-on-one sessions to work through skills from basic obedience and puppy socialization to behaviour issues such as leash reactivity. Our trainers take pride in creating a safe and happy experience for every dog.

We are proudly connected with Authentic Canine Training and Ethical Canine to meet your training needs.

Fear-Free Grooming

Our Fear-Free Certified Groomer makes your dog’s grooming experience her top priority. With safety and comfort taking precedence, anxious or fearful dogs will be accommodated and a grooming plan may be recommended which may include brief, regular appointments for ongoing maintenance, splitting up a grooming session over multiple visits to minimize the accumulated stress for the dog, or in certain cases, a referral to our trainer to work on a systematic desensitization and counterconditioning process.

Our groomer is commited to being open and transparent and pledges to provide the highest standard of care for every dog she works with.

Small Dog Daycare

With separate play groups based on size and temperament, low staff to dog ratios, rest periods between play sessions and friendly, educated staff, your dog will have fun socializing in our safe, indoor environment while being positively reinforced for rehearsing appropriate play skills. We accept dogs up to 6olbs as we focus on the fun and safety of small and medium sized dogs.


“Thank you … everyone today who helped to flush Kenna’s eye. She is such a ‘brat’ and difficult to give first aid to. This is why I know she is in great hands when I drop her off in your amazing care. Cheers”

- Kenna's parents

“Abby is super tired from playing all day and smells clean and fresh from her bath… all while at K9HQ. Thank you guys so much, we love watching how excited Abby is to go there and how tuckered out she is when she comes home! A tired dog is a happy dog…​”

- Abby's parents