Day Training


Day training is a service that allows you to get personalized training for your dog without having to be a part of the sessions and is an ideal add on service with a day of doggy daycare for existing daycare clients, though is available to non-daycare clients as well.
It is a great option if you have a busy schedule or you simply like the convenience of the training being done by a professional trainer. New learned skills will simply be transferred over to you in a mini session so you will know how to effectively communicate the new cues to your dog. We offer all levels of obedience training in this style, as well as puppy socialization and a specific crate training option, either in predetermined packages or as customized packages to suit your specific needs. If you are interested in working on a specific behaviour issue please contact us to determine if it would be a suitable option for day training.
All of our day training methods follow our philosophy of evidence-based, force-free training which are proven to be safe and effective while allowing for a fun and positive experience for the dog. 1-3 sessions per week is ideal for maintaining consistency in training.

Obedience Day Training

Obedience skills that can be added to a package include sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, recall, leash walking, anti-jump, polite greetings to people, polite greetings to dogs, eye contact, hand target and heel. These can be purchased as a complete class package following our group obedience class plans (basics, intermediate or advanced) or customized to suit your needs. Various other skills may be available upon request.
Obedience Package (3 sessions): $180 + tax
Single / add on sessions: $60 +tax


Puppy Day Training

Our puppy socialization package follows the curriculum of our puppy kindergarten class in a one on one setting. This includes introduction to people (in various costumes), walking surfaces, strange objects, dressing up, intro to vaccinated dogs with proven temperaments, body handling, exposure to grooming and veterinary procedures, resource guarding prevention and some basic obedience. Customization available.
Puppy Package (4 sessions): $240 + tax
Single / add on sessions: $60 +tax


Crate Training

Crate training sessions are a specific service we offer for those who are aiming for their dogs to become a part of the K9hq daycare family but have not yet achieved a desired level of crate training at home, or the dog struggles to be crated around distractions. For this service your dog would first have to complete a daycare evaluation and once approved, the crate training sessions would be added onto a half day booking of daycare. This would mean that your dog would spend a morning with us in the typical daycare setting and get full access to their play groups, while getting specialized one on one attention to build their crate skills during their play breaks. The amount of crate training sessions needed will vary greatly based on the individual dog and their confidence in new spaces, individual learning curve, consistency of homework and any past experiences with the crate.
Crate training package (4 sessions): $160 + tax
Crate Training add-ons: $40 + tax