Day Training 

(Latter option for existing daycare clients)

Day Training takes the hard work out of training your dog. If you find the training process overwhelming, have too busy of a schedule or you simply appreciate the convenience of leaving the heavy lifting to a certified, reward-based professional, this is the option for you! Drop your dog off for their individualized training lessons and then simply attend a transfer session with your dog to see their newly acquired skills and to learn how to maintain their new behaviours at home. Transfer sessions include written and/or emailed homework.

Life Skills Day Training


Create a customized package from the following list of skills to suit your needs:
Sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, crate training, recall, leash walking, anti-jump, polite greetings to people, polite greetings to dogs, eye contact, hand target and heel.

Have just a single skill that you’d like some extra help with? Choose a single skill such as recall, leash walking or crate training and we’ll spend the entire session strengthening that skill for your dog in our mini 30-minute session packages.

Puppy Day Training


Let us take charge of socializing your puppy and maximizing their positive experiences during their most impressionable stage of life. Customize your goals with the following options or let us give your puppy the full socialization experience!

Introduction to people (in various costumes), walking on new surfaces, strange objects, sound sensitivity prevention, rolling objects, putting harnesses & clothing on & off comfortably, play time with puppies and/or fully vaccinated dogs with proven temperaments, body handling, grooming and veterinary procedures, resource guarding prevention and basic life skills.

Shy Dog Socialization Day Training


Do you have a puppy that missed out on socialization experiences or is simply slow to warm up to other dogs? Or, an adult dog who is shy but curious when meeting new dogs? Maybe a small, delicate dog who you have a hard time finding safe, appropriate playmates for?
Book your dog in for one hour of one on one socialization sessions where we introduce your dog with friendly, evenly matched dogs to help them come out of their shell. This can be a great bridging option into daycare for dogs who are interested in playing but are not yet confident enough to maneuver a busy group of dogs, or can simply be an opportunity for your dog to make some new friends and build confidence.
This is NOT suitable for reactive or aggressive dogs – please see our behaviour modification section for help in this area. Please note there are no transfer sessions included in these sessions but feedback & report cards will be provided after each session to discuss progress.


Grooming & Vet Prep Day Training


Whether your dog has a pre-existing fear or resistance to vet or grooming procedures or you just want to provide your dog with the best possible foundation to prevent a fear from later developing, this is the package for you. Fear is easy to install into a dog and difficult to reverse. We love working on puppies or newly rescued dogs to teach them how easy vet, grooming and body handling procedures can be so that they’ll always find it a pleasant experience! If your dog has a pre-installed fear, expect that it may take some time and creativity to help them overcome their fears. With strategic conditioning and desensitization we are able to help dogs through the following husbandry drills:

Body Handling, nail trims, brushing, bathing, blow drying, clipping, ear cleaning/drops, eye drops, pilling, muzzling and more. Let us know your specific concerns, or sign up for a full prevention package!

Behaviour Modification


Does your dog have a behaviour problem that you are struggling to deal with? First, we’ll set up an initial consultation to gather all relevant information, provide instant management strategies and discuss plans and goals to move forward. Behaviour problems that are well suited to day training are listed below, and include most behaviours that are not generalized only to your home.

Leash reactivity food guarding, object/bone guarding or fearfulness toward, strangers, dogs, novel objects or other specific items.


Hours & Rates

Monday – 10:15am – 3:00pm                                                                                                                          Tuesday – 3:00pm-5:30pm                                                                                                            Wednesday – 7:00am – 1:30pm                                                                                                          Thursday – 11:15am – 3:00pm                                                                                                                Friday – 6:30am – 12:30pm

30-Minute Consultation: $50 + GST

60-Minute 4-Pack: $360 + GST (3 Day Training Sessions + 1 Transfer Session)
60-Minute 6-Pack: $510 + GST (5 Day Training Sessions + 1 Transfer Session)
60-Minute 10-Pack: $800 + GST (8 Day Training Sessions + 2 Transfer Sessions)
60-Min Single Session : $90 + GST 

30-Minute 4-Pack: $240 + tax (3 Day Training Sessions + 1 Transfer Session)
30-Minute 6-Pack: $330 + tax (5 Day Training Sessions + 1 Transfer Session)
30-Minute 10-Pack: $500 + tax (8 Day Training Sessions + 2 Transfer Sessions)
30-Min Single Session: $60 + tax