Reward-Based Handling Methods

Clean, Low-Impact Indoor Play Area 

Separate Play Groups for Small & Medium Dogs

Crated Breaks & Nap to Regulate Play


Highest Industry Standards

Science-based education & Canine First Aid Certified Staff

Crated rests between play to prevent over-exertion & over-stimulation

Open, honest communication regarding behaviour or health concerns



Small dog group allows dogs up to 30lbs*

Medium dog group allows dogs up to 60lbs**

Fully Supervised Play groups

Low staff to dog ratios of maximum 1:12

Evaluation process for all new dogs to ensure safe, appropriate playmates

*Weight categories are not absolute. Individual temperaments are factored when constructing play groups.

**Dogs over 60lbs with soft temperaments who prefer smaller playmates may be considered. Please contact us if your dog fits this description to discuss further.



Climate controlled indoor space with heat and air conditioning

Multi-gate system for maximum security

Low-impact rubber flooring

Indoor potty areas accessible during all play time


Our top priority is the safety and well-being of dogs in our care. We promote a fun and positive atmosphere using reward-based handling methods and do not condone the use of fear, intimidation or physical force.

If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, is comfortable or warms up quickly with strangers and demonstrates appropriate social skills, K9HQ could be the right fit!


With safe, supervised interactions for dogs of all ages, our daycare allows for pent-up energy to be released through play, helps young dogs learn crucial socialization skills and to read body language, and establishes life long friendships for dogs to thrive.




Full Day


Half Day


10 Day Pass


Monthly Pass


1 Hour Trial


2 Hour Trial



  • Discounts available for 2+ dogs.
  • Half days are up to 5 hours.
  • 10-Day Pass expires at end of calendar month.
  • New dogs may do gradual entry with 1-2 hr trial.
  • All prices plus 5% GST.

We DO NOT accept dogs with aggression history or unknown social skills.

Our trainers would be happy to work with you >>



  • Weighs no more than 60lbs (we are a smaller facility for small and medium dogs)
  • Crate trained (within the past 3 months)
  • No bite history
  • Friendly off-leash with dogs and people
  • Current vaccines for DHPP & Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • On a flea-preventative year-round


  • Males: neutered if over 6 months
  • Females: must stay home while in heat
  • Rescues: minimum 1 month post-adoption
  • Puppies: minimum 2 sets of vaccinations


Dogs with illness symptoms including, but not limited to, persistent coughing, hacking, sneezing, vomiting, or diarrhea may be quarantined and sent home.

In such a circumstance, an owner or emergency contact person must be available to pick up as soon as possible for the health and safety of your dog and all the other dogs in our care.



  • Information video provided via email
  • Tour of facility
  • Answer all your questions
  • Your dog gets to meet the staff, acclimate to the facility, and meet our greeter dog
  • Drop dog off with us for the 20-30 minute session (please wait in parking lot)

After passing the initial evaluation, three half days (under 5 hours), or 1-2 hour trial days are the final steps in the trial period, booked no more than 7 days apart.

If we determine that your dog isn’t right for our daycare it does not mean you have a bad or difficult dog, it may simply mean that our environment was not the best fit for them. Each dog’s safety and well-being is our top priority and while we strive to create a comfortable environment, there is no perfect setting for every dog. We will always be honest with you, and if possible, will help guide you to a care provider that better suits your dog’s needs.


1. Complete the Daycare Intake Form

2. Submit Vaccination Records via email


3. We will contact you to book your session




The girls at K9HQ truly love the doggos in their care, we are so happy we chose K9HQ for our Wynston, he is happy and you can tell he had a fun day. If we could give them a 10 rating, we would!!!
HIGHLY recommend!!!

Bentley has been to 3 daycares on the island, and this is the best! He always comes home happy and relaxed. Friendly staff, positive and safe environment, structured schedule, report cards and cameras so you know how your dog is doing… Great place – would highly recommend!