F  E  A  R  –  F  R  E  E   C E R T I F I E D




The well-being, safety and comfort of every dog is our top priority. Attending to dogs’ body language and responding to their needs helps to make their groom a calm, positive experience. Our Fear-Free Certified Groomer uses techniques include the use of treats, calming pheromones, low-stress body handling, and stress breaks. We pride ourselves on giving dogs the autonomy and respect to say ‘no’ when they are uncomfortable.


+ Cage-Free Drying

+ Low-Stress Handling Techniques

+ Unlimited Stress Breaks offered as needed

+ One Dog (or Family) Appointment at a time

+ Treats used for Reinforcement & Building Positive Experiences

+ Fear, Anxiety & Stress Assessments throughout Appointment

+ Behavioural Assessments & Cooperative-Care Training Available


Consistency is necessary for a fear-free grooming experience. Dogs groomed frequently have a greater opportunity to build a good rapport with their groomer, have fewer matts and overall better coat condition, and are more likely to express comfortable, low-stress behaviour.  Owners also benefit from minimizing additional costs associated with matting, poor coat conditions, or behavioural training associated with cooperative grooming care.


Recommended Maintenance Schedule for Happy, Healthy Dogs

+ Baths & Full Grooms: 4-6 weeks

+ Nail Trims: 1-4 weeks

+ Brush Outs: 1-3 weeks



Our rates below reflect not only the quality of the final product, but also the training, skill, and commitment ‘behind the scenes’ dedicated to every dog for a fear-free experience.

Additional fees may be added for no shows or cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment time, as well as late drop offs or pick-ups. Time slots are booked strategically to ensure dogs do not share their appointment time with another dog. Please contact your groomer ahead of time if you are unable to drop off or pick up at the agreed upon times.

Base prices listed below.

Size, coat condition, cut, and behaviour may increase price.

All prices plus 5% GST.


Full Groom


Bath, brush, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, and full body hair (or breed specific tidy).

Bath & Tidy



Bath, brush, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, and light trim as needed such as paws, face, or sanitary area.

Nail Trim



Clipping and Dremelling available. Either or both will be used based on condition of nails and the dog’s acceptance of each tool.

Our Groomer


Born and raised in Whitecourt, Alberta, I made my way to the island in February of 2022, captivated not only by its scenic beauty but also by the rich culture and diverse community that defines this island as home.
Sharing my space at home are Trixie, a senior pitbull x black Labrador, and a black cat named Kitty. Our favourite pastime involves leisurely walks and basking in the sun. When not at the grooming salon, I indulge in camping, hiking, and participating in local events and shows.
I started on my grooming journey in 2021, and right away, I found myself enamored with the art and science of grooming. The opportunity to turn my lifelong passion for animals into a fulfilling career was a dream come true. Since then, my commitment to this field has only deepened. Constantly seeking ways to enhance my skills and knowledge, I regularly attend seminars and expos to stay abreast of the latest techniques and advancements. Alongside being Fear Free certified, I am also trained in pet first aid and hold certifications through the safety program with the AKC. This comprehensive approach reflects my unwavering dedication to providing the highest standard of care and ensuring a positive grooming experience for every furry friend that walks through the salon doors.
Having operated in grooming salons in the past that did not prioritize a Fear Free approach, I gained invaluable insights into the impact of stress on pets during grooming. This firsthand experience has highlighted the importance of working closely with dogs to keep them calm and comfortable throughout the grooming process. What brings me the utmost joy is spending my days at the salon, forging connections with the unique personalities that enter through the door. It’s not merely a job but a deeply fulfilling commitment to contribute to the overall well-being of each pet by providing them with the love and attention they truly deserve.