K9HQ Doggy Daycare Application

Thank you for being candid in answering our questions which help us have a better understanding of your dog. Our main goal is to provide you with a convenient safe haven for your dog. Play, exercise, and learning opportunities will give you a relaxed & satisfied dog upon your return at the end of the day.

If we have any concerns at any time regarding behaviour, we will either contact you directly or provide a written report card at the end of the day.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please call or email. We will get back to you in a timely fashion.

Warmest regards,


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In the event of an emergency where we cannot reach you, please supply us with a person to contact. This can be a friend or a family member who can make decisions on your behalf.

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Vet Clinic Name

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We'd love to know how you found out about us

If you were referred by a friend, please tell us who so we can say thanks!

Please tell us about your dog


Date of Birth

Spayed or Neutered





Please tell us when and where you got your dog (including breeder/shelter name and date)

If your pup has ever been in a doggy daycare before, please tell us when and where

Your dog's health

If your dog requires any medication, please let us know what the RX is, and how often it needs to be administered

Please tell us of your dog's past injuries and/or current conditions

All dogs are required to be on an effective parasite (flea, worm, etc.) control program - either monthly or seasonally. Some preventives are best for controlling the overall populations by inhibiting reproduction but not the bite. Others kill the parasite on contact with the dog’s skin. It is suggested that you discuss with your veterinarian which product is the most suitable for your dog considering he/she would be attending doggy daycare.

Which parasite preventative control do you use?

Do you use the product


Certificate of vaccination must be provided prior to first day of care.
All dogs must be vaccinated for the following:
 Bordetella (Canine Cough)
 Distemper
 Hepatitis (Adenovirus)
 Parainfluenza
 Parvovirus
Veterinarian protocols for vaccination schedules can vary. With this in mind, please consult your veterinarian regarding the proper vaccinations & schedule for your dog considering they are in daycare, and be sure they are kept current.

Your Dog's Behaviour

Does your dog get anxious (whine, bark, etc.) when left alone?


If you answered yes, please provide details

Do you have any children in your home (number, age, sex)?

Does your dog treat you or another member of the family different from others?
If yes, please explain:

Is your dog mouthy or does he nibble on you?


Has your dog ever been attacked, or very frightened by another dog?


Please explain what you saw. If no, please leave the follow up questions blank.

If yes, what age was your dog at the time of the incident?

How did your dog / puppy react?

What breed, colour, and size was the dog?

Does your dog bark?


If yes, what does he bark at, when, and for how long?

Is your dog aggressive or reactive while behind a barrier (fence, on leash, or in a vehicle)?


If yes, please indicate the type of barrier and who or what they over react to?

Is your dog frightened by anything (noises, men, hats, other dogs)? Please be specific.

Does your dog growl?


If yes, is it a play growl or a warning growl?

Has your dog ever bitten anybody?


If yes, what were the circumstances and extent of injuries & medical treatment needed?

Does your dog share well with people or dogs?


What happens when you (or somebody else) takes food or toys from your dog?

Does your dog get along well with other dogs?


If no, please explain.

Has your dog ever been in a fight with another dog?


If yes, please provide details on incident and injuries incurred

How does your dog react to puppies?

What kind of dog does your dog prefer to play with (Breed / Colour / Size / Age / Sex)?

Where does your dog like to be petted?

Does your dog have any sensitive areas on the body that he/she does NOT like
touched e.g. feet?

Rate your dog’s energy level.
(“1” being very mellow and “10” being a total uncontrollable spaz.)

Is or has your dog ever been destructive (chewed shoes, digging, etc.)?


If yes, when was the last incident, and what was damaged?

Were you home at the time?


Has your dog ever escaped from your home or yard?


If yes, please explain:

Your Dog's Nutrition

What kind of food do you feed your dog?

KibbleCannedRawHome Cooked

Which brand of food do you choose?

Does your dog have any food allergies or sensitivities?

What kind of treats do you give your dog?


Have you taken any obedience training? To what level and where?

What commands does your dog already know?

Is your dog "house" trained? How does he/she let you know when it's time to "go"?

Does your dog jump on you or other people?


Is your dog currently crate trained, or have they ever been crate trained in the past? Please include details on both positive or negative experiences your dog has encountered with a crate:

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Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. We will be able to use this information to ensure you and your dog are able to enjoy K9HQ as much as possible