Puppy Socials

June, July ,August Schedule 2022:


Cost: $20 + GST


What is Socialization?

Socialization is more than simply exposing your dog to a variety of situations or meeting as many puppies as possible. Until 18 weeks of age every experience (good AND bad) is impressionable to a puppy and can linger with them for the rest of their lives. Therefore, a bad experience can often be worse than no experience at all. Puppy play must be done in a safe & controlled manner to ensure that each puppy is building a long-lasting positive association.


K9HQ’s Puppy Socials offer a safe and fun opportunity for puppies up to 18 weeks of age to experience social interactions including slow introductions for shy pups and play sessions when they feel ready. Along with puppy play, these weekly sessions also include exploration of different surfaces, noises and objects. We strive to create a safe atmosphere where puppies are allowed to warm up at their own pace to help them become happy, confident dogs!


1. Ensure your puppy is within 8-18 weeks of age (under 5 months) – we recommend that you have had your pup at home for at least one week before joining in your first social to allow them some adjustment time.

2. Complete the Training Intake Form

3. Call (250)478-2273 to register (payment is required at time of registration. We accept debit, Visa or Mastercard)

4. Submit proof of current DAPP vaccinations (minimum first set and up-to-date on their vaccination schedule) to k9hqtraining@gmail.com, or existing clients upload directly to your online Propet account.


$20 + GST

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour (AVSAB) recommends socializing puppies before their second set of vaccinations. They suggest that the benefits of early socialization strongly outweigh the risks of contracting an illness before their second set of shots. Read the full AVSAB position statement on puppy socialization.