We are committed to ethical, reward-based training to ensure a positive training experience for our clients and their dogs. By reinforcing behaviours we want more of and teaching alternatives to replace unwanted behaviours we help dogs make desirable choices. These methods are grounded by science and produce sound results while enhancing the well-being of dogs. It is our strong belief that training should be enjoyable for both dogs and their people and we are dedicated to providing an emotionally supportive and dignified client experience.


Day Training takes the heavy lifting out of training your dog. If you find training overwhelming, you don’t have time in your busy schedule or you simply find appeal in the convenience of leaving the hard work to a trusted professional, day training is for you! Drop your dog off for their training and then attend a transfer session to receive personalized coaching to maintain your dog’s new set of skills.

Private Training is more hands-on, as you attend all training sessions with your dog. Owners get the benefit of more time spent with their trainer to ask questions and perfect their handling techniques, and requires more practice at home and between sessions for optimal training results. Private training is best suited for people who want skills to practice at home right away, or for dogs who are not comfortable being alone with new people.

Sessions offered through Authentic Canine Training


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PUPPY Socials

Puppy Socials offer a safe and fun opportunity for puppies 8-18 weeks of age to experience social interactions including slow introductions for shy pups and play sessions for confident pups. These weekly drop-ins also include exploration of different surfaces, noises and objects. We aim to provide long-lasting positive experiences for your puppy to allow them to live their best, most confident lives!

Available weekly for puppies 8-18 weeks old. Pre-registration is required. Offered through Authentic Canine Training



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Group Classes

Group classes offer an ideal opportunity to bond with your dog while training around real distractions in a supportive, controlled environment. We pride ourselves on providing a fun and positive class environment for our clients and their dogs as we believe learning should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Homework is provided each week and a Graduation Certificate is awarded upon completion of each course.

Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Life Skills, and Advanced Life Skills are available through Authentic Canine Training.

Leash Lungers class available through Ethical Canine.

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Kelsey - K9HQ trainer in Victoria
Kelsey, ctc

Kelsey received her CTC (Certificate in Training & Counselling) from the Academy for Dog Trainers in 2016, an extensive 2-year program widely known as the “Harvard of Dog Trainers.“ This certification holds her to the use of humane, evidence-based training that supports the welfare of owners and their dogs. At home, Kelsey lives with her two dogs, Kasey and Autumn, and enjoys spending quality time with them both.

Kelsey’s passion is in puppy training. She understands how easy fear is to install and how difficult it can be to train out, which has led her on a mission to optimize on positive experiences for her puppy clients in order to minimize their risk of developing fear or aggressive behaviour as they grow.

Kelsey - K9HQ trainer in Victoria
Samantha, CPDT-KA

Samantha started instructing classes at K9HQ in 2021. She works in the service & guide dog industry and has raised 5 service/guide dogs in training, herself. Her first puppy, Shamus, moved on to work as a mobility service dog for a few years before deciding on early retirement re-joining her family. She also shares her home with a rescue pup named Lump. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through CCPDT and enjoys continuing her education through conferences, seminars and reading training books and articles. When she’s not working you can find her camping, reading or hiking with her pups or ideally a combination of all three! With a positive approach to problem-solving and a love of working with people and dogs, Samantha is very enthusiastic about training people and their pets!

Allison, rvt cbcc-ka cdbc

Allison Schaefer has been certified as a behaviour consultant through two independent certifying bodies: she is a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine – Knowledge Assessed through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, as well as a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants. Allison is committed to providing practical, humane, individually tailored behaviour solutions to her clients and their dogs. She also regularly pursues continuing education from experts in the field of modern animal behaviour modification, and her clients benefit in kind. Allison lives in Sooke with her senior pit bull mix, Marlo, who is her greatest educator in the ways of reactive and fearful dogs, as well as her Rough Collie, Joni, who is her assistant and partner in her training business. Allison has a special empathy for owners of reactive and aggressive dogs. Being an owner of a reactive dog herself, she knows what it is like!


Kelsey is kind and encouraging. She is patient and not pushy when a dog needs longer to understand an idea. My dog is an adult dog who came untrained, protective and nervous. He had lived in three different places in eight months after being abandoned at a high kill shelter by his original owners. This class has exposed his intelligence and he has become obedient through kindness and playfulness – it was just what he needed.

Dobby Bast

We have been taking our dog Finn here [for training] since we got him as a 10 week old puppy and we have nothing but wonderful things to say about K9HQ and Kelsey. She truly cares about each and every dog she works with!

Finn's Owner